“The art is to capture this as a team”

From a “stark break” in the squad Marcel Schmelzer speaks after three prominent disposals and six hopeful approaches, of which it Ousmane Dembele “impressed” in a video did. Although the veteran expected a “difficult, hard preparation” but also says: “. The art is to capture this as a team”

Marcel Schmelzer on the change in the squad:
“Last year it was also a tremendous upheaval, as we have a new coaching staff. But it is something else again, if three players of this quality dropped. I was surprised that Miki had still decided to change clubs. We have to accept the decision. We now have to replace three regulars and some new players committed. Therefore, I think it will be a difficult, hard preparation. It is fortunately very long. We need to integrate the new fast. It is a stark break. The art is to capture this as a team. Mats and Miki can not substitute one for one man. I personally look forward to the preparation and to the season. ”

… About the new additions:
“With the new players we have really gained a lot of quality. In the next few weeks it is necessary to bring them to court. We have in this long preparation with three training camps have enough time to teach new players the automation, so that they then engage. You saw our football in the last year, and they have decided to try to play this football. ”

… About his role at BVB:
“It is understood that one grows with the years in a leadership role. It included also to help the new players. I speak with the team committee internally at things that are important. Who in the end is captain there, is not important. One must in the end be – that the coach to decide. ”

… About the goals in the season 2016/17:
“We lost three important players. Since it would be presumptuous to say that we want to attack the Bavarians this year. Leverkusen has really good strengthened. One more reason to keep the view to the rear. Our goal is to play again next year Champions League, so to finish in the top three. ”

… About Julian Weigl and its EM opportunities:
“I am very happy for him, that it is up for debate, that he might get to play from the beginning. Jule is a boy with so much confidence that it will not interfere with that an EM semifinals is – any more than it bothered him to come from the second division to Borussia Dortmund and to perform his duties here. Likewise he will do that with the national team. “

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