75,000 euro fine and audience-member exclusion on probation

The sports court of the German Football Association (DFB) has condemned Borussia Dortmund in four cases unsportsmanlike conduct his followers to pay a fine in the amount of 75,000 euros.

In need of BVB unsubscribe partially excluding the public a home game. The execution of the measure is suspended on probation and is done only when there is a serious case of recurrence within the probation period to 31 May 2017

For a possible implementation, the judgment makes clear specifications: So must remain (to 15 10 General Admission areas) closed in this case during the subsequent home game of the lower tier of the South Stand. In addition, no banners, posters or banners may also be hung there.

Under the DFB Cup final between Borussia Dortmund and Bayern Munich on May 21, 2015 Berlin burned Dortmund audience especially before the start of the second half amplified pyrotechnics from, which led to a lot of smoke and the restart order within two minutes delayed , Thus, the events of the DFB Cup final in 2015 repeated.

Even before the start of the game there had been trouble with the Dortmund fans. First, approximately 50 to 60 Dortmund spectators arrived at an inlet storm uncontrollably on the stadium grounds, later under great pressure about one to two dozen at a block storm uncontrollably in the block.

In addition, there was fireworks incidents during the Bundesliga game at Bayer 04 Leverkusen on 21 February 2016 and against Bayern Munich on 5 March 2016 whereby beer mug is warming up players were thrown in the latter game towards. Moreover Dortmund spectators had on February 9, 2016 thrown twice during the DFB Cup game at VfB Stuttgart a larger amount of tennis balls on the pitch, so the game had to be interrupted twice for about a minute.

The club has agreed with the judgment, the judgment is now final.

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